ABIOTIC Leave You In Ashes In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “Smoldered”

And as for the gear used:


On the heels of the release of their recent full-length album Ikigai, Florida-based death metal act Abiotic are here to set your mind ablaze with an exclusive guitar playthrough for their track “Smoldered”! Featuring guitarist John Matos, the song has tons of techy, groovy, and skull-crushing parts to help you maintain a well-balanced diet of progressive deathcore. Sit back, brace yourself, and enjoy!

About the track, here’s what John had to say:

“‘Smoldered’ is the first song I started putting together for Ikigai and I thought it’d be fitting for it to be the first playthrough we release. The song has a ton of groove, some fun techy spots, that ethereal bridge, and then a crushing ending. It’s one of the best moments of us trying to sound like us trying to sound like Gojira on the album and I love it. Enjoy!”  

John Matos

Be sure to snag Ikigai here before the sick merch bundles are sold out, as well as to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with their deathy, techy goodness!

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