RIGGED: EDENSONG Bring the Quintessential Prog Rig Thunder


New York’s finest progmen of Edensong gave Gear Gods a thorough what’s-what regarding their arsenal in this episode of Rigged. From piezo-equipped Godins and signature Birdsong basses, to beards reaching wizard-y lengths and flutes, you know it’s gonna be a wild and proggy time. Hold up; is this the first Rigged that includes a flute? I can’t be bothered to check, but maybe some of you lifers can let us know.

These dudes run a pretty tight ship as it pertains to maximizing the musical potential of their gear. And when your work is as dynamic as theirs, it’s just plain necessary. I mean, having guitar sounds digitally processed in real time by a Waves GTR plug-in is really the only way you want to attempt playing this stuff. Otherwise, you best have your tap shoes ready.

If you haven’t heard it, you can check out Edensong’s latest record – Years in the Garden of Years – on their website. They’ll also be heading out on a North American jaunt with Imminent Sonic Destruction later this month, so be sure to catch a show should they come your way. Dates and details can be found here, and don’t forget your daily Facebook tithe of checking out a sweet new band if you haven’t already!

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