RIGGED: IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES Talk Shop in Full-Band Rundown


Did you know that approximately 62% of all operating heavy bands today classify themselves as progressive? Me neither, because I just made that shit up, but the Philadelphia boys from In the Presence of Wolves are most definitely an actual prog band. You know, the kind that’s for sure been touched by the glorious hand of late ’60s/’70s progressive rock at some point. And also by The Mars Volta and BTBAM, of course.

If you’re wondering what the hell I’m rambling about, check out their debut LP, Thalassas, to get a taste yourself. Pretty ridiculous, right? So, if you’re now curious as to how In the Presence of Wolves go about recreating their style of highly calculated freneticism on stage, then this episode of Rigged was tailored just for you. Check it out above and put your worried mind at ease…why yes, that guitar you heard was a PRS 513, and true, Vox AC30s do have some of the best cleans to load up with pedals.

Anyway, In the Presence of Wolves also have an EP (Of Two Minds, Stages 1 – 2: The Ape And The Cage) dropping June 30, which you can currently preorder right here. Dillinger’s Kevin Antreassian produced it, so you can expect a killer product. For everything else, be sure to visit their page over in Zuckerland and show them some love.

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