Hour of Penance are “Reforging the Crown”… of Jawdropping Playthrough Videos

In the past we’ve already noted that Hour of Penance‘s drummer James Payne has the fastest feet in the old west (the old west of Italy, I guess, but hey the metaphor works because of  Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone so let’s just roll with it). Now the band’s bassist, Marco Mastrobuono, has entered the saloon to give Payne a run for his (fistful of) money in the “superhuman playthroughs” category. A showdown, if you will. Only one man left standing… or sitting on a stool, in any event.


The track in question is “Reforging the Crown,” taken from the newest Hour of Penance LP, Regicide. Mastrobuono shows of some grizzled fingerwork, flagrantly defying the tempo as he jumps between those strings like it’s as easy as shooting whiskey, or shooting a man in cold blood. Or a king in cold blood. Looks like these disparate analogies are all coming home to roost.

In case you were wondering which bass it is that Marco is getting those rugged tones out of, well the Spector logo should have clued you in, but more specifically the model is a EuroLX 5 Alex Webster signature. After the tone leaves the LX5 it passes through a Darkglass B3K overdrive pedal and then into an Aguilar DB750 head (which has since been replaced in Aguilar’s product line by the DB751).

Regicide is out now on Prosthetic Records. You can pick up a copy at this location.


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