Clever Girl… Welcome to the Aguilar Chorusaurus

“When did you decide to make a chorus pedal, Aguilar?”


“Well, we just did it on an Agui-lark.”

I can’t give up my sources, but I’m positive that was the exact conversation that went down in the meeting room, before the industrious pedal designers at Aguilar dreamed up the new Chorusaurus pedal. The company has been steadily expanding its pedal lineup, and so far they’ve all been as impressive as the very fine amplifiers and cabinets that made Aguilar’s name.

The Chorusaurus is an analog pedal using bucket-brigard technology. There’s nothing too fancy going on with the controls, but there is mono and stereo output, a blend control, plus the true-bypass will auto-engage if your battery dies, which is a nice addition. Look for the pedal to sell for $199 when it’s released next month.

Source: Premier Guitar

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Chris Alfano has written about music and toured in bands since print magazines and were popular. Once in high-school he hacked a friend's QBasic stick figure fighting game to add a chiptune metal soundtrack. Random attractive people still give him high-fives about that.

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