Positive Grid’s BIAS Desktop Drops Today

Positive Grid’s JamUp Pro and BIAS amp modelers have been at the forefront of the recent slew of mobile apps for creating amp tones on your device. For $9.99 and $19.99 respectively you can use your device as an amp and effects, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a hardware modeler.


Today Positive Grid made the leap from mobile to PC with the release of BIAS Desktop, a plugin amp sim for your DAW. It has all the features of BIAS for mobile and some new improvements. There are two versions, Desktop ($99.99) and Desktop Professional ($199.99). The crucial difference is that the Professional version includes the Amp Matching feature.

Here’s what Positive Grid had to say about it:

“Instead of providing a fixed number of amp models, BIAS Desktop represents an entire new concept on guitar sound: guitar players can now virtually design their own amps, using Amp Matching Technology to capture their golden tube amplifiers,” says BIAS Product Manager Calvin Abel, “and finally they can share or download thousands of amp models on ToneCloud, also we are currently working with worldwide artists and studios to expand this platform.”

The Amp Matching™ in BIAS Desktop utilizes a collection of underlying technologies that analyze and compare a currently designed BIAS amp model with the sound of any tube amp, the corresponding cabinet and microphone. It then executes the tonal compensation and enhancement needed to make this current amp model accurately match the target amplifier. For the first time in history, guitar players are free to design, modify and capture the most unique and individual soul of tone, into the digital domain and keep it ready for studio recording applications. Built-in with BIAS, ToneCloud allows guitar players to share their custom amp models and download over thousands custom BIAS amps created by other users — including signature recording artists. Guitar players can share and download not just customized amp models only, using Amp Matching, every possible amp tone ever created becomes available. Positive Grid is currently working with worldwide artists and engineers to create professional custom amp models and studio amp matched models to expand this platform.
BIAS comes in two versions: BIAS Desktop ($99.00) includes all amp design modules and access to ToneCloud to download thousands of amp models. BIAS Professional ($199.00) adds Amp Matching Technology, Exclusive Amp Matching Models on ToneCloud, and three Amp Design Expansion Packs (Glassy Pack, Crunch Pack and Insane Pack).”

Look for the Gear Gods review of BIAS Desktop coming soon! Til then, here’s Ola Englund taking you through the features:

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