Was our first Rigged column on Pallbearer, featuring guitarists Devin Holt and Brett Campbell, not enough for you? Did it leave you wanting more rig? Did it leave you asking, “Hey Max, this is awesome, but wtf the bass rig bro?”


Shut up. I’ve got it right here.

Pallbearer’s bassist Joseph Rowland is a beast. In addition to being a serious bass player, he is a titanic presence on stage: thrashing, dashing, and crooning his way through the band’s curb-stoned set. We talked to Joseph in the basement of Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, before the band’s second headlining show there that week, about all things bass, tone, boot, and rig. Be sure to keep an eye out for Joseph’s rare Guild 1978 B301 bass. Those instruments are really beautiful, and you don’t see ’em too often.

Check out our interview, along with the band’s set the previous night, below.

Photo Credit: Diana Lee Zadlo

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