Baroness Talk Writing Purple In a Basement

Hype train is still rolling for the new Baroness album, Purple, their first to drop via the band’s new label imprint, Abraxan Hymns, and their first since their near-fatal 2012 bus crash that curbed the band’s progress on the heels of their newfound sound on Yellow and Green and the post-crash departure of half their members. I’m stoked: new track “Chlorine and Wine” is a certified banger, like a step towards a more punk spirit through the Yellow & Green lens, and reports from the band describe it as maybe the most focused, honed-in album they’ve ever made.


Like John Baizley, I fully expected the band to write pretty seamlessly coming out of the crash, given the amount of life experience they endured and the amount of time since they’ve been creative as a unit. But as he describes in the new installment of Purple‘s making-of video series, this album was far from a cakewalk to make. As the title of the video implies, Baroness took just about a year to come together, find a new musical chemistry, and write a batch of bangers.

Check out the clip below, and pre-order your copy of Purple now via PledgeMusic, which is also functioning as a kind of start-up fund for Abraxan Hymns.

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  • I wasn’t sold on their new drummer until I saw the first video in this series and he is ruling pretty hard. i still miss Travis Blickle, but at least the new guy has found his groove. Plus he plays lefty and that’s always awesome.

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