There’s Something Fishy About This All-Bass Band’s Music Video

We’ve been following Extinction Level Event‘s meteoric rise the the forefront of guitar-less metal bands with an overabundance of bassists, becoming number one in that specific subgenre. Well, as it turns out, we were right to invest some airtime in them, because they love puns as much as we do.


I’m hoping to interview them at some point, maybe a rig rundown to ask how they get that bass tone. Where do they source the bass: from local rivers and lakes? Or are they imported? Can you buy them at Bass Pro Shops? What kind of effects do they run the bass through, and do they wriggle much? Does the studio often smell of bass, and does a bigger bass produce more lows?

I give you the hilarious and heavy “Entropy.” Download their music here.

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  • It’s all about that bass.

  • Fun fact: Meshuggah were originally gonna be an all bass band but that obviously didn’t happen.

  • Fucking damn it, why did I watch this 30 minutes before work? I’m starving and craving sushi now…

  • more meshuggah ripoff bullshit, will only be known for the “Big Bottom” cover song they will inevitably do, if they haven’t done it already..

  • Just sounds like a studio cut without guitar. Gotta try new things but it just sounds like the guitarist just for up and quit is all!

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