THE WEEKLY RIFF – IN FLAMES Guitarist Björn Gelotte Teaches Riffs Off Upcoming Album

You know those guitarists that say they never properly “practice” but end up being super successful, incredible players in their own right? Evidently In Flames lead guitarist, Björn Gelotte, is one of those guys, which he mentions here. He’s just naturally exuding talent and writing all the riffs we wish we did. Bless him.


Björn Gelotte gives us a taste of three tracks off the upcoming In Flames album, Battles, in this video with Guitare Xtreme (French subtitles included!):

I think In Flames are one of those melodeath staples too many of us take for granted, and I hope I’m not speaking for only myself when I say Battles deserves a proper listen-through. It’ll be out November 11th via Nuclear Blast, so be sure to give it a listen then.

Will any of you guitarists be picking up your fiddle and giving some of these riffs that Björn kindly laid out for us a go? He’s kinda making me want an Orange Rockerverb and a Les Paul Custom—he’s got a serious dad rig going on, girthy beard and all, and I’m digging it. Like, I want to throw my AxeFX away and join the big leagues.

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  • I love In Flames and I’m a long time fan but the three songs I heard so far were extremely disappointing. It sounds almost like metalcore, none of that sweet melodeath I’m used to. I prefer to listen to Atoma by Dark Tranquillity, those guys are still keeping the Gothenburg Melodeath alive. I’m not saying a Band can’t change and evolve, but this is not an evolution, this is the exact opposite, going back in quality to very simple, boring riffs and electronic crap in the songs … are we on asking alexandria level now? are they trying to get on the radio? Of course, this is just my opinion and I even like Sounds of a Playground fading, where many fans already complained… but this is just shit, not on the level of older In Flames records at all.

  • What tuning does Bjorn use here?

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