KALLIAS Lets The Light In On This Crushing Guitar Playthrough of “Phos”

You may recognize guitarist Nicole Papastavrou from her previous band MeridieM, and the episode of The Weekly Riff she shot for us. You may also recognize Zaki Ali from another feature here on Gear Gods, but wait – was he playing drums in this behind-the-scenes video for Etherius? It would appear we are in the presence of some serious talent in this playthrough video.


I hope you bought chug insurance, because you are about to cash it out – Nicole and Zaki are hitting it hard and bringing the heavy riffs in this exclusive playthrough of “Phos” from their new EP The Fourth Phase, which is available now. Those riffs are just the stage on the melodies and shredding dance, though, so get your opera glasses and watch closely.

In case it wasn’t enough that these talented players can do all this, the video was shot and edited by Nicole, and the track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Zaki at Redshift Recording in Closter, NJ. Is there anything they can’t do?

Here’s what they’re each playing in the video:

Nicole’s Gear – Jackson USA Limited Edition HT8, EVH 5150III Stealth, Dimarzio Ionizers, Stone Age Guitar Picks
Zaki’s Gear – Jackson X-Series Soloist SLATX8Q, Peavey Invective Amp

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