ETHERIUS Get Cosmic With This Behind-The-Scenes Of The Drums For “Thread Of Life”


New Jersey-based metal act Etherius are a band you are going to be hearing more and more about. Founded in 2017 by guitarist Jay Tarantino after recording and touring with virtuoso guitarist Angel Vivaldi, the instrumental group quickly gained popularity in the New Jersey metal scene, and in no time at all had begun the recording process for their debut EP Thread of Life. Luckily for us, they were kind enough to share some of the behind-the-scenes goodness that went into the drums on the EP, with the other instruments to come!

In the video, drummer Zaki Ali covers topics like how he got involved in the project and how he was able to integrate his own style of drumming into the music of Etherius. The whole episode is pretty informative, and a nice insight into how a band of professional musicians records their very first EP together.

Thread of Life is out August 24th, and you can pre-order it now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play Music. Make sure to also follow these dudes’ Facebook page for upcoming events, because we’ll be damned if there isn’t a lot of promise in this band’s future.

I can tell you what’s in the band’s future for now – 2 more behind-the-scenes videos right here on Gear Gods, coming up!

Thread of Life track listing:

1. Thread of Life
2. The Soothsayer
3. March and Defy
4. The Inevitable End
5. Lament

Credit: Shaler B. Photography

Drumkit description from recording session left to right:

PDP X7 maple shells (except snare)

16″x 14″ floor tom on the left

Tama starclassic steel custom snare drum 14″x 6.5″

8″ x 7“, and 10″x 8” rack toms

12″x 9″ tom suspended off of rack as a small floor tom

14″x 12″ floor tom

18″ x 22″ kick drum


Splash Sabian AAX 8″ Splash

Hihats 14″ turkish bottom hat, and 14″ Zildjian K custom top hat

left crash – Sabian AA Metal-X 18″ Crash

right crash – Sabian AAX 18″ Dark Crash

Ride Cymbal – Sabian AAX 20″ Raw Bell Dry Ride

China Cymbal Sabian AAXtreme Chinese 19″ China


Vic Firth Chris Coleman Signature

Pedals on record Tama speed cobra double bass pedal.

Current pedal Trick Drums Trick Dominator double bass pedal.

Mics used for recording

kick Shure beta 52a inside kick, Neumann TLM 49a condensor outside kick

snare top sm 57, and akg C451B

Snare bottom Audix I5

Toms 1, 2, and 3 Shure Beta 98’s

Toms 4 and 5 Audix D6

Overheads Neumann km184 pair

spot mics for hihats and ride cymbal shure sm81’s

2 room mics close pair (about 5′ from drumkit) Shure ksm 32 large diaphram condensor mics.

2 more room mics far pair (about 17′ from drumkit) Akg 414 condensor mics

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