EARTHSIDE – New Behind-The-Scenes Studio Footage

Earthside is a new prog band based out of New England. They are purveyors of a kind of prog that is at once dense and expansive, where syncopated riffing and tight drumming meet ambient piano sounds and synth textures, and meld with the sounds of the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra. It’s a modern sound that doesn’t fall into the cliche djent trappings or more bland wankery.


They recently completed work on their debut album A Dream in Static, and what an ambitious debut it is. Most bands don’t get to work with a symphony til they’re ten years in, so these guys are starting off with a bang.

It’s an attitude that’s paid off – the production on the album is breathtaking, punchy and clear without sounding sterile. It’s truly prog for the 21st (or maybe even 22nd) century.

No release date just yet, but the album reportedly will be a star-studded spectacle of guest singers from across the metal world. Get more info on the making of the album and the band members in the video below, and hear a full instrumental track from the album as well.

You can connect with the band on their Facebook page or learn more at their official website.

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