RIGGED: GUNS N’ ROSES Guitarist, Richard Fortus, Goes In-Depth on his Live Rig

Well I’ll be damned. According to Wikipedia, Richard Fortus has been in Gunners since 2002. I dunno tho. I feel like someone is gaslighting me.


Everyone’s favorite audio gear bargain-haus, Thomann, scored this in-depth rig tour from a Gunners guitarist. And, of course, that guitarist was Slash Izzy Stradlin Gilby Clarke Bumblefoot Buckethead DJ Ashba Richard Fortus? Oooh yeah. Y’know, Richard Fortus. The guitarist for Guns N’ Roses. Richard Fortus.

Anyway, as you can see in the above video, he has quite the extensive arsenal of equipment. Which I guess you would expect from one of the biggest rock bands ever. Though, I’ve always wondered how much of that stuff they really need, and how much of it is gear nerd dick-swinging. Like, you could probably get away with two Les Pauls and an Axe-Fx nowadays, right?

Has anyone else noticed that Thomman is using the tumblr logo for their YouTube avatar? Just big fans of microblogging I guess.

Those custom made Leo Scala guitars are badass. I’ve never seen an electric guitar built like those. But I wonder if the chambered bodies and “floating” top woods makes them sound like semi-acoustics and takes the balls out of their tone? Someone buy me one and I’ll report back.

So wait, you’re telling me that’s not Izzy Stradlin on the left?

And even though I am still skeptical as to whether Richard is actually a member of Guns N’ Roses (I still maintain that someone is playing an elaborate prank on me. I mean c’mon, “Richard Fortus” is clearly a made up name), there’s no denying the dude can shred. Check out 7:42 in the video. Holy chicken-pickin’ jeebus.

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