Every Passive EMG Pickup in One Massive Shootout!


So you’re curious about what passive EMGs sound like, and why wouldn’t you be – EMG is, after all, the originator of the active pickup, and it’s what they’re most known for – but in recent years they have branched out quite a bit, and now sport a stacked lineup of passives. Well, you’re in the right place – you’ll be able to hear every single passive pickup they make, with 4 different types of sounds, right in this video. It’s also interactive, which means you can click on the timestamps in the video description to hear any of the demos without having to sit through the whole thing, and you can instantly A/B any two pickups with a click.

If you don’t like the tones I got (courtesy of the magnificent Revv Generator 120 and some of my signature Lancaster cab IRs), you can download all the DI tracks I recorded here with each pickup and run them through your own rig at home to decide which passive EMGs will work best with your rig. I can’t think of any more ways in which I could make it easy for you to hear the differences between these pickups, so I’m just gonna stop talking and let you go for it!

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