Exclusive Playthrough: David Ellefson Makes a Left Turn Away from Megadeth with Johnny Wore Black

There are two things that I don’t expect to find in David Ellefson’s signal chain: a Fender P-bass and an envelope filter. When I think of the Megadeth bass tone my mind sees a metal-looking Jackson into a Hartke stack with the controls set to “dry and raw.” But when you branch out of the ‘Deth you branch all the way, and you find pedals that go “waaaaaaaahhhhrrrrr.”


Seriously though, that’s a gorgeous ’76 Fender in David’s hands. And speaking of gorgeous, keep a sharp eye out for a calico cat near his armpit at the 2:55 mark. Unfortunately no cats were used (to my knowledge) in the making of this Johnny Wore Black song, which is titled “Firefly.” Ellefson not only laid down the bass work for the tune but co-wrote it as well.

The track is from the forthcoming album Walking Underwater Pt. 2, which will be released on November 26th via Dead Cherry. David Ellefson plays bass on most of the record, and several tracks were mixed by David Bottrill of Tool and King Crimson fame.

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