DEMONSTEALER Rises Like a Phoenix In This One-Man Full-Band Playthrough For The New Song “From Flesh To Ashes”

As the release of his upcoming EP And This Too Shall Pass draws nearer and nearer, we’ve teamed up with Indian death metal musician Demonstealer (AKA our good friend, the incredibly talented Sahil Makhija of Headbanger’s Kitchen, Demonic Resurrection, Workshop, and Reptilian Death) to present his full-band playthrough for the new track “From Flesh To Ashes”! As if the dude wasn’t already busy enough self-releasing his next solo EP AND running friggin’ record label, he also plays everything, as you’ll soon see in the playthrough. Does he sleep? The world may never know.


In a stunning turn of events, Demonstealer slows things down in what is essentially a death metal ballad here. While the dude is typically known for his gnarly DM riffs, relentless drumming, and demonic vocals, “From Flesh To Ashes” is more of a slow burn, filled to the brim with clean singing, lush harmonies, and tons of melodic content. Of course, it’s still a Demonstealer track, so the heavier elements are guaranteed to make an appearance, but on the whole, this track is definitely one you’re going to bust out your lighter and sing along to (once we can do that again, whenever that happens).

From Flesh To Ashes questions mortality, our stupidity and our fall from grace a species. It’s about dying alone, quite inspired by the stories of people who lost loved ones to the pandemic. The inability to spend time with friends and family in their final moments, no chance to mourn the dead, no funerals and no goodbye. Just the bleak vision of our times.”


And as for the gear used in the playthrough, check out the extensive list below:

Be sure to buy and stream And This Too Shall Pass on Bandcamp, as well as follow Demonstealer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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