Headbanger’s Kitchen – Demonstealer Cooks with Fear Factory

Sahil Makhija, aka the Demonstealer, is a man of many talents. As if guitar and vocals for Demonic Resurrection and Workshop wasn’t enough, he’s also a drummer for Reptilian Death and is currently recording a solo album. Oh, and he also runs a record label.


Back in October we posited that India is the new Scandinavia, and Demonstealer was the main focus of the article. Now I feel I must put forth that maybe India is the new Italy, because Sahil is also a crazy good chef. At least, he makes food that looks good, because I can’t say I’ve actually eaten it. But his guests seem to enjoy it, and they must be people of good taste – Fear Factory, Mattias Eklundh, George Kollias (Nile) and more have been on his YouTube show Headbanger’s Kitchen.

It’s just what you might expect – Sahil cooks (while narrating the recipe, Julia Child style), then interviews his guests, and then they eat. Pretty simple, but fun to watch. Of all the metal cooking shows on YouTube (okay there’s not that many) this one gets my salivary glands going the most.

Be sure to check out the plethora of episodes with cleverly guest-appropriate titles on his YouTube channel.

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