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ToonTrack's Metal Month rolls on, and Ola's rollin' on the Rivers of Nihil.

U wot m8? Get Rect. The Lunchbox Revolution is now streaming.

This is among a few Mike Fortin-designed Randalls that we're anxiously awaiting the release of. Watch the Haunted/Feared guitarist, and

Yes, I intended to type "sentimetal." It's a portmanteau.

48k guys. Fourty-eight freakin' K. That's more K's than a Spanish "what?" convention.

And in the process terrify you with whatever filter is on his face.

Does anyone else geek out on seven strings with tele bodies or am I in the minority here? The guitarist

The Satan and Solar in the hands of Ola Englund are something to be Feared. Now they can be yours.

I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure that number is 1 too high.

Instead of throwing your Marshall at your MacBook, get your tube tone into your DAW with this all-in-one.

Total Tone Tweaking for the Financially Irresponsible.