Two Notes Torpedo RELOAD – Demo by Ola Englund

We live in an exciting time – the digital domain is no longer the cold, clinical world it once was. As processor power, AD/DA conversion quality, and access to vast amounts of cheap memory grow, the caliber and feel of the sounds you can achieve have improved exponentially. With this has come new ways to integrate your analog and tube gear into the in-the-box style recording process.


With that, I introduce to you the Two Notes Torpedo Reload. An all-in one solution for recording tube amps, including a power attenuator for recording hot amps at low volumes, a loadbox, power amp and speaker cabinet simulation, a DI box, and a re-amper. For home recording junkies, this is a godsend. You can crank your amp to 11 and cook the power tubes to get the amp’s full potential, then record it direct into your DAW (with the multi-impedance loadbox) along with the dry DI signal (into the Hi-Z DI). If you like your performance but aren’t happy with your tone, just send the DI signal out through the re-amp section (called Replay) and into your amp, then tweak to your heart’s delight. Or you can re-amp it with your own speaker cab and microphone, at a lower-than-earsplitting volume. It’s your favorite amp’s best friend.

Check out Ola Englund showing you all the stuff I just said, but with awesome guitar playing, and hear what this thing can do.

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  • Hmmmm. Wonder how this stacks up to the good old Palmer PDI03 (which to my ears, still did not sound as good as a AxeFx or Kemper).

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