Now, I realize that we’ve been posting a lot about Ola Englund lately, but to be fair, it’s been a big year for him. His line of signature guitars are coming soon from Washburn, he joined the Haunted, he released not one but TWO Feared albums, and he surpassed 60,000 subscribers and 20 MILLION views on his YouTube channel, so he’s essentially his own successful TV series. If you were a guitar manufacturer, you’d want to give him a signature guitar too, cuz the guy is on fire.


So now following a 2 year collaboration with Randall Amplifiers, he is releasing his signature SATAN head. The subject of many of his YouTube videos, the Satan is a crushing high gain amp that sounds crunchy and tight and clean even with a lot of distortion. The guy has tried pretty much every high gain amp on the planet, so he was definitely the guy to ask.

Here are the specs straight from Ola:

Randall Amplifiers is beyond proud to formally announce SATAN… Ola Englund’s new signature amplifier from Randall Amplifiers.

Satan is the result of a two-year collaboration between Ola Englund and Randall Amplifiers. The goal being to create the most brutal and aggressive amplifier Randall has ever built…

By bringing together over 20 years of Mike Fortin’s high gain experience as well as Ola Englund’s vast knowledge of modern metal tone…. We believe we achieved our goal of creating the most Feared amps on the planet.

SATAN main features:

– 2 Channel – 4 mode 120 Watt All tube head,
– 6 – 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2-6L6/2-KT88 power tubes
– Active/Passive inputs,
– Preset “kill” boost mode,
– 6irth & 6rind – Low/High Frequency Gain controls,
– Sweep function provides variable tone stack frequency point control,
– Full EQ for both channels,
– Presence/Depth power amp voicing,
– Push/ Pull bias controls,
– Series/Parallel Loop,
– Heavy duty metal front/rear grills, corners, edging,
– 2 Button LED footswitch included.

$1996.66 USD average street price (in USA). International pricing to follow soon.

SATAN will unveil at the 2014 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA.
Hall B, Booth#5740″

Here’s a video of the prototype.

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  • I approve of the name of this amp.

  • Saw him play on this 2 years back, the 6irth & 6rind controls are quite innovative imo, Would love to buy one eventually.

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