Psht, Hey Randall, get off your lazy arse and release a new amp already…. oh, you just released the Ola Englund signature SATAN amp? And you’re about to release a Scott Ian amp as well? Fine, but what else have you got?


Well, okay, what you’ve got apparently is a new six… yup, I read that correctly, six-channel head called the 667. In all fairness it looks more like a three channel amp, but each channel has two footswtichable gain and volume controls (and a three way bright switch). But there’s three sets of EQ controls, not six. Still, that’s a hell of a lot of tonal options. Hopefully each channel has a distinct tone otherwise it’ll all be for naught. Also of note: two master volume controls and two series/parallel effects loops.

If the layout of the amp looks vaguely familiar to you, you’re probably a big amp nerd and you’ve seen a Fortin Meathead before. Mike Fortin, the man behind the name behind that company, was recently hired by Randall and seems to be designing most of the new signature amps like Ola Englund’s SATAN (note how similar the SATAN looks to Fortin’s own Natas amp: not just the name but their near-identical control layout, and Englund was a Fortin endorser–but it should be noted that the amps have their differences, like the tube configurations).

Randall smartly included midi-control on an amp with this many bells and quantum bells and omega whistles and so forth, so your control options are vast. I do like the optional RF8 footswitch though, for simple 8-patch no nonsense channel switching. In fact I’m planning on buying that footswitch as soon as its available for sale for use in my own rig, because I’d been looking for a little 8-button midi controller like that (the Liquid Foot Jr I used for a while had way more features than I needed).

Info on the 667 is scarce. I haven’t even found info on which power tubes it’s using, although given that it’s 120 watts it’s likely 6L6 or EL34 tubes (I’d put my money on 6L6). I’m sure more info will surface by NAMM.

Source: Guitar Noize

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