NAMM 2014: Ola Englund Signature Randall SATAN Amp and Washburn SOLAR Guitar

One of the highlights for me this week at NAMM was getting to meet a lot of people face to face whom I have only known through the internet. Luckily for me, I encountered no Catfish-style situations where the people I met were nothing like they purported to be. In fact, most were far cooler.


Case in point was Ola Englund, of Feared and the Haunted, who turned out to be one of the nicest and funniest (and tallest) dudes I met at the show. He was kind enough to give me the following rundown of his new gear and talk to me for a good while on his new signature Solar axe from Washburn Parallaxe, and signature Randall Satan amp as well.

Most of note is that he takes us through all the knobs on the Satan and what they all do. The separate knobs for low-frequency gain and high-frequency gain really caught my attention. Check out Ola walking me through his new gear below, and buy Feared’s crushing new album Vinter here.

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  • Love the Catfish comment. Ola is one of the rare personalities we think we know, he comes off so approachable. Good to hear he is what he seems. Needed this video to run longer though, any more to the end?

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