NAMM 2014: Randall Shows off the New 667 and Satan Amps, and More

We’ve already written about the two new Randall amps: the Mike Fortin-designed 667 and Satan. Now we got to take a look at them in person at Randall’s NAMM booth. That 667 is pretty intimidating in person: you can’t fit 6 channels on a small amp. I also learned some new facts about these amps. The 667 has individual bias controls for each tube, so you don’t need matched sets. And the Satan, Ola Englund’s signature amp by the way, can accept mismatched pairs of tubes. It comes with a pair of 6L6s and a pair of KT88s by default, which is a combo I’ve never seen before.


We also took a look at Randall’s MOR, RGOD, and Facepunch pedals, and the new RF8 foot controller. The RF8 was created to work with the 667, but it can also simply be used as a great little MIDI pedal if you want to keep it simple with one bank and everything is on Channel 1. There are a lot of practical uses for a controller like that. I’m planning on buying one the day they hit the streets, which should be pretty soon. After we were done filming I nerded out about MIDI a bit more with the Randall folks and they told me that there are switches on the RF8s back, and when engaged they can turn the 5-8 buttons into CC functions.

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  • Hey great coverage so far. I am sure you know about this but that static is killing it. If it wasn’t for that the videos would be top notch. The coverage and everything is there. That crackle needs to go. haha

    Thanks for the great NAMM coverage!

  • Unreal namm coverage guys, and these Randall’s are mindblowing. If I had two grand to drop on a new head, the Satan would be the first on the list

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