Seymour Duncan Want to “Slug” You with this Insanely High Resistance Pickup

Today is the day of completely insane design choices, apparently. First I saw Fryette release a 112 combo with an external power amp, and now we have the Slug by Seymour Duncan: a ceramic humbucking pickup with a whopping 48k DC resistance.


Most pickups have a resistance rating of under 10k. Sometimes you’ll see some of them up to 20k or so. But 48k, well it’s a wide world and I’m sure someone has made one, but it’s certainly the highest that Duncan has gone. Now some people equate resistance with output, less resistance meaning louder volumes, but that’s not really accurate. What higher resistance will generally give you is more compression and a darker tone. Seymour Duncan is advertising Slug pickups as perfect for stoner and doom, which makes sense.

Duncan was nice enough to get these out to reliable demo stalwarts Ola Englund and Keith Merrow. Witness their videos below, which I think sound great but those dudes are known for getting great tone out of anything they plug into, and if you’re like to order one of these pups from the Seymour Duncan custom shop then head to this link. The 6-string version sells for $130, which the 7 and 8-string models can be yours for $170.

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  • sledge hammer riffs for days.

  • Merrow rocks some Crowbar style riffage in that video, good shit.

  • Sounds pretty fucking compressed. At that price I’d probably just want to spring for BKPs.

  • The Ola Englund signature model is dope

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