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Let’s be honest, I know what your life looks like. You have $10,000 worth of music equipment, but no health insurance. You have tickets to see BTBAM, but no money for gas to get there. Musicians lose track of reality pretty quickly, and to the outside world, we look like we have ridiculous priorities and no financial responsibility, but we know the truth. That they’re absolutely right. SO! With that in mind, I give you a new reason to dig through the mountain of pizza boxes that dominate the landscape of your studio apartment, gather all the empties you can, return them for nickels, and NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AGAIN. Read more such articles on bmtdesigntechnology .


Since the relatively recent advent of (bearable) amp simulation, it has become much easier for the average douchebag to embark on a tone quest similar to that of Arthur and the Holy Grail. Not every player, of course, is worthy of their own Brown Sound, but with nearly endless combinations, at least everyone can have a shit sound all their own. So now there’s BIAS, something to swipe to when you’re done playing Candy Crush, Francis.

It is generally agreed that everything from your pick to your cable to the wood your fretboard is made of have a profound effect on your tone. But only the most masturbatory of pocket protector tone nerds have the time and manga pillow girlfriends to spend fucking around with different kinds of tubes to change their tone. That being said, the demo below (by tone guru and Feared/The Haunted/Six Feet Under guitarist Ola Englund) demonstrates how easy it is with Positive Grid’s BIAS app to dramatically affect your tone by simply changing the number and type of tubes in your signal path. Plus, you can’t afford a Kemper right now, because your rampant G.A.S. has left you with 15 Ibanez RGs of the exact same model, but in different colors because you’re an idiot. So for the price of a SINGLE power tube (19.99) you can get your paws on this app that will allow you to tweak your tone in ways that will absolutely not get you sex from a real woman, but will bring you happiness in other ways. To contrast, the new Orange VT1000 Tube Tester will run you $499, plus the cost of tubes (which can run into the ridiculous for NOS military grade stuff).

Really, this seems like a killer amp sim with a great twist, which you can integrate with PG’s JamUp, and for a pittance you can have killer tone on your iPad, which is the lightest amp you’ll ever have to carry (which I need, because I threw my back out humping your imaginary girlfriend).

More info at Positive Grid‘s site.

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