Boogie, I Shrunk the Amp – Ola Englund Demos the Mesa Rect-O-Verb 25

The Lunchbox Revolution WILL be televised! (That’s the name we decided to go with).


At a certain point, it just seems unfair. If someone can make any piece of gear sound this good, does it matter which one we get? As usual, Ola Englund comes through with some seriously crushing tones wrangled from the new Mesa/Boogie Rect-O-Verb 25 watt lunchbox head. I honestly think he could get a good tone out of anything, but this demo has me seriously intrigued about this wee pint-sized version of an amp I used to own. Mine didn’t sound nearly this badass, which might be more a matter of user error than anything else, but I digress.

Companies want Ola to demo their gear because he puts the sounds in context, rather than just a dry demonstration of what the amp sounds like all by it’s lonesome, which isn’t necessarily the best thing for a mix. And that’s important because when do you ever hear someone playing the guitar onstage, unaccompanied, just them and their amp? Pretty much never. An amp needs to play well with others.

Also featured is the Mesa Throttle Box EQ, which also looks pretty dang awesome. It’s apparently also an overdrive? It looks like he’s got the curve set to cut out some low end and boost the high-mids and highs.

This video features Ola ripping through a very groovy Feared tune, which contains what is easily my favorite solo of his, showing his superior composition and phrasing and some of his progressive flair.


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