Ola Englund and His Satan Go on a Long Sentimetal Journal on This “Solar” Playthrough

Any regular Gear Gods reader is aware that Ola Englund can play his ass off. But let’s not ignore how’s he’s also a damn solid songwriter. He’ll make you thrash, he’ll make you cry, and he shoots for more of the latter with this new tune, “Solar.” Seriously, that water streaming down the lens isn’t an effect added in post. It’s the camera weeping. It turns out that the secret to true human emotions in machinery wasn’t more advanced AI programming, it was Ola Englund.


The main signal chain in the video is Ola’s signature gear, his Washburn Solar 6 guitar (featuring Seymour Duncan TB2b and 59 pickups), and his Randal Satan head with a Randall cab to go with it, mic’d by a Shure SM57. It’s nice to see some versatility out of that Satan because every demo I’ve ever seen has been all out gain all the time.

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  • Anybody know what scales/modes he’s using there? It might be simple and I’m just an idiot but it sounds incredibly cool.

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