Drum Cam

The band's young drummer Dan Wilding has the keys to the machine.

Who wouldn't want to watch Ben Koller in a three-way POV?

Drummer for the Faceless, and everybody else, rips through a Monuments track with his new bun.

Drummer Blake Richardson's got grooves.

In-studio footage show good things to come with upcoming release Ageless

Charlie Benante teases with some brief in-studio clips.

How about some new multi-cam drum footage of the 'Witch?

The band's new live video for "Prancer" is actually the least violent clip in this article.

Colorado thrashers show you what the meaning of tight is.

Mastobrann drums like a bear and sings like an angel.

Check out some footage of Converge from the skinsman's POV (not that kind of POV, you sicko).