I’d Hit It: Darkest Hour’s Travis Orbin Talks About His Zildjian Cymbals

Travis Orbin, session drummer, drummer for Darkest Hour, and former drummer of Periphery, has a rather unusual setup for his drum kit. Although I’ve been seeing variants of the symmetrical drum set for a while, his is the first that I’ve personally seen with no rack toms, and it might be the most symmetrical that I know of. This works out pretty well if you’re ambidextrous, or just plain beastly, and from the included footage of Travis spanking the naughty off these buckets I have concluded he is at least the latter.


In this video he talks about his Zildjians and his nostalgic connection to them, and the differences between the cymbals he uses with Darkest Hour and the ones he uses for session work. I think he seems to have it made, playing metal AND getting paid for his talents for playing on other people’s music. Obviously, metal doesn’t always (ever?) pay the bills, and session work is awesome if you can get it (and are good enough to hack it), so kudos to him.

For more info on Travis, and for booking him for session work, visit his website at www.travisorbin.com.

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