Skeletonwitch Drummer Dustin Boltjes is Unleashed At Every Angle

Skeletonwitch have been getting better as the years go by, and their last two records, Forever Abomination and Serpents Unleashed, have without question been their strongest, fiercest releases. This is due in no small part to new drummer Dustin Boltjes, whose consistent and creative approach to the meat-and-potatoes backbeat of 4/4 blackened thrash drumming is really not talked about enough in conversations about the other great metal drummers going today. Dustin fucking rocks.


He also seriously stepped up his playing up on Serpents Unleashed (and of course, having Kurt Ballou man the boards, and tracking in the drum room at GodCity help). I don’t really know what words to use to describe his performance on that album. Fierce? Sharp? Rock.

Anyway, check out some multi-angle live drum cam footage of Boltjes ripping with the ‘Witch, courtesy Sick Drummer Magazine, as well as from the recording of Serpents Unleashed with a performance video of the track “Burned from Bone,” below:

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  • I have always wanted to listen to Skeletonwitch but so far I haven’t done it. I think it’s time to do it. Their drummer is fuckin’ sick.

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