Drum Cam

Downtuned doomcore upstarts conquer the unconquerable depths of 0000 drumming.

Dave McGraw rips through new track "Plagueborne."

Drummer Cory Hofing raises a toast and picks pieces of hog out of his beard on "Maiden's Call."

You're gonna need some aloe for that

Rudinger will fill in on drums with Obscura on Summer Slaughter, drops a playthrough video to tease.

Periphery drummer smacks down "Psychosphere."

Danny Morris blasts through the title track of Florida grinders' new record.

You'll have to click through to see them though!

Ali Richardson tears through "Teras."

Check some live drum cam footage of "Captain Comedown."

Shane Matthewson rips "Management Control" on his time off from managing his band.

Watch Ben's POV as he rips a track off Bleeder

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