PENTAKILL – Mike Pitman – “FROZEN HEART” Drum Playthrough

So this is something pretty different – a virtual metal band called Pentakill brought to you by the guys at Riot Games. These guys might not technically exist, but they still rock pretty damn hard. Here’s drummer Mike Pitman giving the tune “Frozen Heart” a playthrough.


As Mike states in the video, this was filmed on one of the hottest days in the UK for a long time, which, by most of the world’s standards, is actually not very hot at all but, we will give him credit where it’s due as it looks like a pretty tricky tune to lay down.

Taken from the band’s recent release Pentakill II: Grasp Of The Undying the track is really catchy and clever. There’s some beastly groove all over the place along with some great musicianship and interplay between the metal warriors Karthus, Mordekaiser, Sona, Yorick, Olaf and Kayle. Pentakill are a product of League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game. The guys at Riot Games came up with the idea back in 2014 when it seemed like there was a heavy demand for the out of this world metal band by the legions of fans that the game achieved. They have managed to create something pretty unique here, where it would have been quite easy for the creators to come up with something similar but not actually have a quality end product. Pentakill are instead a badass heavy metal band that you cannot fudge with.

Mike is one of the crew that bring you this genius, a Riot Games composer as well as session drummer and former drummer of progressive metal band Xerath, he has the chops needed to play killer drums whether they be real or virtual reality!

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