Matt Halpern’s V-Neck Does Bad Things in Periphery

We’ve covered Matt Halpern’s V-Neck before on this website – and golly, we will continue to cover it moving forward. This time the V-Neck is caught playing “The Bad Thing” off Periphery’s newest record Juggernaut.


Halpern used a Mapex Saturn IV kit (with a Saturn Kick) and his recently-released signature snare drum, the “Wraith,” which you can get details on here, as well as Meinl’s Byzance line of cymbals.

He’s also been cool enough to share the mic’ing array for this recording, which is great – drummers, please don’t keep that information a secret! Check out the set-up and enjoy the clip.

  • Kick – Shure Beta 91A (inside), AKG D112 (outside)
  • Snare – Shure Beta 57A (top), Shure SM57 (bottoms)
  • Toms – Josephson E22S
  • Overheads – AKG C414
  • Hi-hat/ride spots – Shure Beta 98DS
  • Hallway room mics – Shure SM81

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