Matt Halpern Covers EDM Music, Wears Sweet V-Neck

I’m not sure many drummers realize the use-value of practicing along to genres like hip hop or electronic music. It’s a narrow challenge, sure (except if you’re trying to play Aphex Twin), but there are two pretty important skills that you can shed by playing along to this music: 1) playing to (essentially) a click, and 2) learning how to groove around strictly programmed beats.


Matt Halpern understands this – which shouldn’t come as a surprise, because electronic music is quite obviously an influence on Periphery’s sound – and shows it in his new live “drum remix” for the track “Straight into the Fire” by the Russian-German EDM powerhouse Zedd.

Even though I know Halpern didn’t intend to because he doesn’t give a fuck and is just expressing himself as per usual, but he is hilariously dressed like the genre of bro you’d actually catch at a Zedd concert in this clip. Check it:

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