Let’s Write A JASON RICHARDSON Song! (SBMM Cutlass 7 String Demo)

Jason Richardson (All That Remains, ex-Born of Osiris, ex-Chelsea Grin) is one of the world’s foremost shred gods, and the recent releases of his signature Ernie Ball Music Man and Sterling By Music Man signature 7 string Cutlass models is further proof of his godhood.


Well, I got ahold of one of those SBMM beauties, and as always, the first thing I want to do is write a new song with it. Then I thought – why don’t I use this opportunity to pick apart Jason’s signature style and swag jack him in every conceivable way?

So that’s what this video is – me trying to write a passable imitation of a Jason Richardson jam. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl. Maybe even make some friends along the way.

You’ll have to tell me if you think it went well or if I missed the mark entirely, either way you should drop a comment on the video and if you feel so inclined, the final track can be had right here.

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