AUGUST BURNS RED Drummer Matt Greiner Breaks Down “Majoring In The Minors”

Matt Greiner is not the drummer that August Burns Red deserves, but he’s the one they need right now.


That’s not to say that ABR isn’t good – they’re great – but everybody knows who the star of the show is. The skill of the drummer is not matched by the skill of the rest of the band. They’re not trying to be the most technical band, the craziest shredders, or the fastest players, so that’s neither here nor there – they write songs. If you saw our guitar playthrough from yesterday, you know they can all play. But holy crap is this drummer good.

So it’s cool to see that he is also super down-to-earth and patient enough to teach anyone willing to listen some of his parts in Zildjian’s The Break Down Series. This week he takes us through a unique style of blast beat and how he came up with it, as well as some interesting ways to practice the technique.

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