Mutoid Man’s Ben Koller Is a Goddamn Drum Beast

In a month jam-packed with great releases, Mutoid Man’s Bleeder is an absolute barn burner. Great riffs, tight songwriting, production by Kurt Ballou, drums by Ben Koller… I mean, you don’t get much better of a collaborative team than that. I’m pretty stoked about this band – I feel like it’s been quite a while since we’ve gotten an album that’s just straight up relentless riff from top to bottom (maybe Mastodon’s Blood Mountain? And that was 2006).


We’ve already covered the bases with guitarist Stephen Brodsky in last week’s riff, so we thought that this week we’d turn the spotlight on Koller, the Converge-drummer-turned-GoPro-spokesman, in his chest-strap playthrough for the track “Beast.” This song is a particularly entertaining watch from the drum perspective, given the amount of outright fast-blasts it contains.

Dig it:

Bleeder is out now via Sargent House.

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