This Black Tongue Drum Playthrough Stares At Satan

Any fans here of Black Tongue? The band, which are a self-described “when downtuned hardcore and doomcore meet” are getting set to release their new album The Unconquerable Dark. Like you, I also think “doomcore” is a ridiculous word (and also oxymoronic given the hardcore tag, does that mean that their branch of doomcore also happens to be hardcore?), but you can’t argue that these guys are trying out somewhat of a fresh take on two beaten-horse genres.


Drummer Aaron Kitcher holds it down in this band though, man. Which is pretty important in this style of music, when you need to be able to hit the syncopated 0000 slams in between bouts of sludgy riffs. He’s just dropped a GoPro drum cam live performance of new song “L’appel du Vide” taken from a performance a few weeks back at Le Grillen in Colmar, France.

This clip not only shows off Kitcher’s in-sync playing with the string instruments, but also basically serves as satanic propaganda given you have to stare right at a pentagram snare drum head throughout. Wonder what that does to a dude who has to look at that through a full set.

The Unconquerable Dark drops September 4th via Century Media. Pre-order it here.

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