ANUBIS Unleashes “Ashes” Re-Recording Guitar Playthrough

Los Angeles thrash act Anubis is here to bring marching, crushing riffs to your ears thanks to the re-recorded version of their track “Ashes.” Watch as guitarists Justin Escamilla and Eleazar Llarenas shred through the track while also being unable to headbang here and there (as you’d expect).


Check out Anubis‘ music here and here on Spotify.

“Ashes has always been one of our favorite song to play, with it’s super heavy mid-tempo intro to the fast, thrashy parts, and all the melodic leads throughout. This re-recording was the perfect opportunity to show off the new lineup and what they’re capable of.”

Anubis uses the following:

Justin Escamilla

  • Guitar: ESP E-II M-II
  • Amp: Engl Powerball 2
  • Cabinet: Legacy Cab
  • Pedalboard: MXR DC Power Rock, Poly Tune 2, Ibanez TS9, Boss GE-7 Equalizer

Eleazar Llarenas

  • Guitar: Schecter SLS Blackjack FR
  • Amp: Blackstar HT STAGE 100
  • Cabinet: Mesa Boogie 4×12
  • Pedalboard: Fortin Roach Splitter, Boss SD-1 w Super Overdrive (Waza Craft version), Fortin Zuul Noise Gate

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