Prepare for This Drum Cam Footage of Havok’s Pete Webber Playing “Prepare For Attack”


So, you’re sitting at home. You’re cats are sleeping. You’ve got a nice glass of your favorite drink. All is calm. But then, a crash and a boom behind you! Is that thunder?! No, it’s this drum playthrough of Havok’s “Prepare For Attack” from drummer Pete Webber, courtesy of Drummers From Hell.

My god, this guy is insane. From the very first hit, anyone could tell Pete wasn’t going to put in any less than 110 percent, and he doesn’t let up. He’s fast, he’s consistent, and his cymbal work is particularly noteworthy. Every hit he makes sounds like he’s using logs as sticks, but without any of the set back of using logs as sticks. It sort of makes you feel bad for the kit.

If you want to see what it’s like to get drums torn to shreds by Pete, you’re in luck! Havok are on tour right now as part of the Metal Alliance Tour. Get the rest of those dates on their Facebook.

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  • Awesome.. Pete is great. Noticed he’s got 2 kick drums, but has a dbl pedal on a single kick. Guess the other kick drum is to support the tom and cymbal/hi hat.. creative..

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