Drum Cam

Cocktail on the beach? Don't mind if I do!

Fuck the facts, here's some theories!

Randy Black and Ron Lipnicki deliver the cut-time grooves.

Is this one of the grooviest drummers in metal today?

Somebody call a doctor, cuz this guy is one sick drummer!

22 is how many different faces Matt makes while playing this song.

Djent from the present day Czech Republic.

Watch the former Megadeth drummer rock "Devil's Island."

More POV-Go Pro footage from the Converge/All Pigs Must Die/Killer Be Killed drum hero.

Legendary Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy drummer plays through the classic Chaos A.D. cut.

Rudinger Dismantles the Dictator, but not his bun fang.

Kelly Bilan rips the new Jay Maas signature series drum sample pack.

Click to see all the gimbling, mimsy, and borogoves your mome raths can outgrabe.

In-studio footage shows drummer Seamus Menihane in top form.