Stranger Things Composers Perform Main Theme Live and It’s Haunting


Everyone knows Stranger Things. Everyone is talking about Stranger Things. I could spend this whole article talking about Stranger Things. But, instead, I’m gonna talk about the composers for the show Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, who recently performed the shows theme live.

This is obviously super cool to see, but it was a little jarring to see the whole piece performed by just two dudes and some synthesizers. You’d think with all of the complex sound changes it would be more of a set up, but they’re packing light. They did perform it beautifully and the visuals and lighting certainly complete the creepy, thriller vibe that the show has. Check the thing out if you wanna get spooked on.

There’s not much else to say here. Nothing to plug. Season 2 was super duper. Have a good day I guess. Cat. Fire. Best Friends Squad. Samwise.

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