SOILWORK – Bastian Thusgaard Drum Playthrough for “Parasite Blues”

We have featured Bastian Thusgaard at Gear Gods before – and that’s because he is an absolute don at playing these sorts of drums. Here he is playing “Parasite Blues” by Soilwork like he could do it in his sleep.


Soilwork are masters at their craft. Having been one of the pioneering bands from Sweden of the melo-death sound, they have continually released great albums since their inception in ’97. This track which Bastian slays here is taken from the band’s first double album The Living Infinite, which many heralded as a throwback to their initial heavier sound while also maintaining the new melodic tricks that the band later came to incorporate. Bastian has zero issue whatsoever taking someone else’s drum parts and making them his own, in this video he never looks like he is struggling and maintains a completely relaxed style throughout the whole track.

Bastian had to learn quickly after being called on to replace the departed Dirk Verbeuren who left to join Christian metal band Megadeth, so at 25 years of age he’s done a pretty bang-up job learning all the songs to a standard where he can just shit them out like this. Also known for his work in The Arcane Order and Dawn of Demise, he is an extremely versatile and unique drummer who is obviously cut out for the big leagues, destined for great things – who knows what else he will undertake in his career?

Check out his other videos here.

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