Skervesen Guitars are a Polish guitar company who are known for their modern and gorgeous custom guitars. They’ve gained a substantial following in recent years due to their instruments being played by metal bands like Modern Day Babylon, and now they’ve reached out to me and offered to build me a custom guitar! Am I dreaming?

Because this is such an exciting process, I’m going to document each and every step along the way — from picking out which guitar I want to direct communication with the company and work-in-progress pictures. It’s a unique process from start to finish that probably has more layers to it than you’d think, so let’s dive right in!

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  • Cool. I had a custom guitar built a couple of years ago and it was a time-consuming process. I laugh at the people who complain that they have to wait 2 months for a Keisel, my build took almost a year. That being said, it was built by one person using a completely original design. Good luck!.

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