BARING TEETH: Exclusive Jason Roe Drum Playthroughs

Over the past couple weeks we’ve been bringing you some exclusive playthrough videos from Dallas, TX trio Baring Teeth. They’ve got an unconventional sound, to say the least – a kind of dissonance not heard in even the gnarliest death metal and atonal 21st century classical music abounds in their music, and unusual rhythms are commonplace.


This week we’re taking a closer look at the rhythm portion of the equation, with these two exclusive to Gear Gods playthroughs of “Mountain” and “Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins”.

I’m so impressed with these performances I’m not even sure what to do with myself. This guy has got to be one of the grooviest drummers I’ve ever heard in metal. How have I never heard of him before? Well, doesn’t matter now, because here he is, blowing your mind:

Here’s a list of Jason’s gear:

Ayotte Drumsmith Drums
Pearl Brass Snare

Remo Emperors Coated (toms)
Remo Ambassador Coated (snare)
Aquarian Superkick II (kick)

22″ Sabian Jack Dejohnette Signature Ride
20″ Paiste Rude Crash/Ride
14″ Paiste colorsound hat(top)/Sabian Regular(bottom)
13″ AA Fusion Hats
various thin crashes 16″-18″

Pearl Eliminator Demon Direct Drive Pedals
Vater Virgil Donati Assault Drumsticks

Check out more about the band on their website.

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