THE FACELESS: Drummer James Knoerl Crushes “Autotheist Movement” Live in Chicago


The Faceless have had nothing but bad press and bad luck in recent months, mainly stemming from a last-minute cancellation of their Australia/New Zealand tour. Shortly after the keyboard warrior fallout in the comments section of their public apology/explanation on Facebook (which, correct me if I’m wrong, appears to have been removed), they announced their participation in Summer Slaughter, which kicked off with their drummer quitting two days before hitting the road. Yikes.

However, despite all the bullshit, the dudes rallied and recruited drummer James Knoerl to fill in for the tour. He seems to have been doing a killer job if this drum cam footage of “Autotheist Movement” is any indication. Bottom line is, James is a beast who got the call, stepped up, and learned the whole set with about a 30-hour turnaround. We’re stoked to premiere this 17 minute playthrough of the “Autotheist” movements, captured by Austin Peters with a Canon 6D + 50mm f1.4, colored in Adobe Premiere and mixed in Logic X for maximum resolution. Spake James of the gig:

I got asked to fill in with The Faceless for Summer Slaughter 2017 I was on vacation with my girlfriend in Puerto Rico… Ken called me and asked if I could do it so I just flew home the next day and tried my best to learn the whole set in two days. It was a fun experience and I have a lot of positive things to say about everyone on the tour and I was happy to help.

Mr. Knoerl’s what you’d call a “pro,” ladies and gentlemen.

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  • God damn, I got seasick watching this.. It’s hard to see anything with the lighting, but at least put the camera on a tripod.

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