BLOODBATHER Showcases Dissonant Riffs On “We Came And You Were Silent” Playthrough

Guitarist Salem Vex is here to show you how to play all the skronky, dissonant, slightly-nü riffs strewn throughout the new Bloodbather single “We Came And You Were Silent.” The single is out now and can be purchased here.


“This song was a different approach to what we were used to doing on the EP, we wanted to make something super heavy but also have some more ‘groove’ to it,” said Vex. “Our vocalist Kyler and I wrote it in a matter of about two days spread apart and it was definitely the most fun song we’ve written for this band yet!”

For “We Came And You Were Silent,” Vex used a Schecter Nick Johnston HSS with Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings tuned to drop C and loaded with a Bareknuckle Warpig Ceramic pickup, all through a Neural DSP with STL Putney Amp Sims.

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