Closed VS. Open Headphones: What’s The Difference? FLUFF Finds Out!

If you’ve used any kind of over-ear headphones before, you might have heard a distinction being made between “open” and “closed” headphones. These are phrases often heard when it comes to which headphones to buy, but you might be surprised at how few people actually know what the differences are. There are no dumb questions, but sometimes when you’re trying to look cool in front of your friends, you’ll pretend like you know something when you really don’t. But you know what’s actually cool? Knowledge. And who better to learn some science on ya than YouTuber and musician Fluff?


In all seriousness though, Fluff breaks down the differences and similarities between these different types of headphones, the pros and cons of each, price points, and what each one can be used for specifically. It’s videos like these that make the world go ’round, so even if you think you know the answer already, chances are you’ll probably learn something new. More information is available at FractalBeat if you’re curious. Check it!

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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