CELLDWELLER – Go Into The Studio With Klayton As He Tracks Guitars for “Offworld”


Ever wondered how Klayton creates the lush, otherworldly soundscapes permeating much of Celldweller’s new music? The one-man-show shot an awesome in-studio video of the guitar tracking process for his latest project, Offworld. Set to drop Friday, July 28th, the album marks a departure from Klayton’s previously aggressive work. Instead, Offworld is an introspective, vocal-driven piece that explores the softer side of the human emotional spectrum.

Experimenting with whole rack of pedals, Klayton managed to pull some mystifying tones out of the otherwise “traditional”-sounding guitar. To hear more of these sounds in context, be sure to grab a copy of Offworld in whatever format suits your fancy.

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